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Welcome to our past newsletters, indexed on the left. We aren't publishing right now...maybe in the future! 

"We had a wonderful Italian vacation and enjoyed reading your newsletters for months prior to the trip! Many of your stories and tips came in handy for our family. Thanks for all you do to demystify traveling. Keep up the good work. Ciao!" Juli B

The idea presented by the Kids Europe Newsletter could be cars, pasta, mysterious Etruscans, the Black Death, weird architecture, fashion, geology, sports, interesting customs…you get the picture. It is presented in a brief and lively way so you and your child can quickly decide if you are interested or not. If so, the newsletter presents links to Internet resources for immediate gratification with more information. It also suggests supporting resources such as books, music, and movies to get at the library or to order online.   

Customize Your Travels to Your Interests

Special interests lend excitement and depth to your trip. You won't just walk by famous sites, but will seek out the sites that support your family interests. Whether it is pursuing the famous tartuffo gelato (ice cream) in its native setting, visiting the tombs of the mysterious Etruscans, or watching for unique models of cars, your trip will be more personal, memorable, and exciting when your children have had a chance to develop interests before their trip.

Cancel Boredom and Whining

Oh, and less boredom and whining, too. All of this church, museum, art, history, architecture stuff is boring to many kids (adults, too). They don't understand much about it and may not have studied it (or studied and didn't like it), so they whine and mope and fight with each other. For example, does this picture make sense to you: You have spent how much money traveling to Italy and now for the first and, perhaps, only time in your life are standing inside the magnificent Coliseum in Rome. Your mind conjures up ancient battles and the chanting crowds of Romans. Then, your kids start in, "This is boooring. I'm tired. I'm hot. Just a big bunch of rocks. It's ruined, who cares! Why can't I play my video game?"

The Kids Europe Newsletter will help them prepare for their trip and spark their imaginations. Your family can read the edition of the Discover Italy Newsletter that suggests watching the movie The Gladiator and then going to a website that critiques its historical accuracy. It also suggests some interesting and even goofy books about Roman gladiators. Those very same kids could be running circles around you pointing out aspects of the coliseum that they have learned about and reenacting battles.

Virtual Travel, Too

And if a trip to Italy is far in the future, the Kids Europe Newsletter can encourage virtual travel, provide interesting ideas to pursue, and is a good source of ideas for school reports. A family told me about their virtual trips, one of the ideas that lead to this newsletter, when they would prepare a meal (or get take out) themed after the country they were "visiting," rent a video that focused on that country, and read stories from that country.

On the Internet, no one knows your age. Even if you are a child at heart, you will find delightful insights into Italian culture and history. Adults confide in me that they got as much out of the source of many of these ideas, the Italy Discovery Journal, as their children did.

Subtly Educational

We have built in good educational design that supports learning without being didactic. We offer a captivating topic, then the opportunity for immediate gratification by going to internet sites for more information. If the child is interested, then links to books, movies, and music related to the topic are offered.

Why Children Love Disney

It is because Disney is familiar; they've been watching both the characters and the ads all their lives. Believe me, they won't "get it" if you plunk them down in front of the most fabulous sight in the world, if they have no idea what they are looking at. So, a mission of this little newsletter and the Italy Discovery Journal is to build some familiarity to give them touch points, increasing your whole family's enjoyment of your travels.

This is why getting familiar with Italy or any place else that you travel is really important for children. They haven't studied the country very much, if at all. They don't have a historical, artistic, or cultural context for enjoying their travels. They don't know what to look for in other cultures in order to appreciate them. Without a context, this country, people, all this stuff is just weird and maybe boring. The way people often react to things that are massively unfamiliar is that they shut down and reject. Imagine your children refusing to leave the hotel room; it happens all the time. So let us help you prepare.

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