Italy for Kids, Italy with Kids, Free Activities for Kids in Italy, Free activities for kids in RomeMore than 500 ideas to fascinate kids traveling in Italy -- most of them free


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An Italy Guide for Kids

Not Just Another Guide Book

There are many really great, well researched guide books available. We, the ADULTS, use several before and during our travels. The kids might flip through a few pages, but these adult guide books are focused mostly on art, history and architecture and the kids are, well, catching lizards, shopping, and squabbling. Even the books about traveling with kids are for the adults to use.

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Discovery Journal is for Kids

This interactive journal is only for kids. They assemble it, use it to anticipate their trip, and then discover really interesting aspects of Italy. The questions and explanations do not talk down to kids, but engage their creativity and intelligence. We used a gelato/post card reward system for each quest completed, but you may find that the hunt is reward enough.

500+ Free Activities for just $8.99

Most of the activities suggested in the Italy Discovery Journal are absolutely free. What does it cost to observe culture or hunt for fountains or obelisks? Time, quality time, not money. The Italy Discovery Journal eBook is just $8.99, less than the admission for one person to most museums. 

Educational Guide to Italy for Children

The educational aspects are subtle, but we do introduce important aspects of history, art and architecture with a kid's attention span and point of view in mind. Our customers tell us that parents learn a thing or two from the kids thanks to this educational little guide.

Companion to Guide Books

The Italy Discovery Journal is a companion to adult- and kid-focused guide books. It helps your kids plan, capture their discoveries, and relive their travels when they get home.

Invites Discovery

The Discovery Journal is open-ended, it asks questions and if your kid is interested, she will search for the answers.

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Grabs Kids' Interest


  • Children get involved during planning so they buy-in and enjoy the trip they help design. 
  • With the eBook, kids choose and assemble the pages that interest them, so they look forward to their trip. 
  • They personalize their journal and can make a kit with colored pencils, glue stick, disposable camera. 
  • Kid's travel and packing ideas are included.


  • Kids are encouraged to use all their senses to experience Italy. 
  • They'll find fascinating cultural aspects to show you. 
  • The journal asks many questions, prompting kids to search for answers or to use their imaginations. 
  • Smell, taste, touch and listen to Italy.
  • Adventures of the strange and sometimes gruesome are interesting to some kids, so we include mysteries, secrets, and weird sights. 
  • Prompts writing, math, observation, deduction, research and imagination.

Home Again 

  • They have a personal, permanent record of your travels.
  • This is a great scrap booking project. 
  • Good source for "show and tell" and school reports.

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Kids of Every Kind Discover Italy

Athletes, Fashionistas, Gamers

Kids are prompted to explore popular culture starting with whatever interests them.

Writers, Actors, Artists, Explorers

Adventures in the Italy Discovery Journal suggest appropriate activities such as acting out a dramatic event, sketching, listening, and discovering.

Mathematicians, Geologists, Botanists, Historians

Invite kids to understand Italy in ways that interest especially them.

Boys and Girls

Some adventures came from our girls, others from our boys and most are interesting to everybody.

All Ages, Too

Younger kids can collect gelato flavors and tell stories, older ones can draw, count and graph. Teens can research to find out the reason behind an event or a monument. Many a parent has told us that they, too, discovered fascinating aspects of Italy when peeking at their children's Italy Discovery Journals.

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Dollars and Sense - ROI

If you have made it this far and haven't invested in the Italy Discovery Journal for less than $20, I'm impressed with you willpower! I offer you here a totally pecuniary argument for purchasing the Italy Discovery Journal, as offered by our resident MBA in Finance. Make a rough calculation of how much you will spend on your family trip. You can even figure out the cost per waking hour, to put a fine point on it. My calculations put a cost of $115/waking hour for a family of four on a one-week trip. If you can imbue even a single hour of that trip (and probably many more) with joy and adventure, avoiding whining, pouting, boredom, or culture shock by investing as little $6.99, you've invested wisely. Talk about return on investment (ROI)!

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Book & Product Details

Italy for Kids, Italy with Kids, Free activities in Italy, free activities in Rome Inside the Italy Discovery Journal

Italy Discovery Journal Contains:

162 pages of adventures, quests, mysteries, info and ideas for travel in Italy, Rome, Florence, Venice, Siena and more.

More than 500 fun ideas.

Personalization page.

Ideas for assembling the Discovery Journal.

How to make a travel journal kit, a good travel gift.

Ideas for using the Discovery Journal.

Travel tips.

Kid-approved sights & foods.

Family fun.

Customers Say

"...took it with us everywhere. We were completely delighted. So thank you! We bought Italian playing cards, and learned to play Scopa. We conducted treasure hunts for obelisks and fountains. We learned a lot, and often brought it to restaurants so the girls could flip through it while they waited for their food to arrive. They loved the idea of watching the modesty police at the Vatican. It cracked them up."

"...We LOVED that journal. It was really great. I would work in it everyday and Jara would help me. Shes 6 and still doesnt read that well so it was a joint work sometimes..."

" kids were very excited to read about Italy in a book they could understand and appreciate..."

"We had a wonderful time in Italy, in part thanks to your terrific book. The kids really used it, and my husband and I found ourselves reading and enjoying it, too."

"...I'm telling you we used it EVERYWHERE...we found the various flags in Siena, the eagle, the turtle, the unicorn...we used it in Venice, Florence, Rome, Amalfi, was the BEST!!!! as were all the terrific ideas!"

"...We just returned from Italy and I wanted to let you know how much she enjoyed the Journal. Her very favorite part was about the contradas in Siena. We walked all over Siena and found all but one contrada, that made Siena her favorite part of the trip. She also enjoyed writing down all of the different types of gelato she tried, counting the number of steps on the Spanish steps, looking for the different fountains in Rome and looking for the flood high water marks on the buildings in Florence. I also enjoyed all the little pieces of information we learned from the Journal. Thanks!"

"It is a brilliant journal, chocked full of wonderful ideas that children and adults can use to enrich their experience of Italy."

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