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More Photos of Family Fun in Italy...

gargoyle.jpg (2222116 bytes) Making like a gargoyle in Venice!
Boca della verita (Gaily).jpg (185603 bytes) Double sided book

John showed me how he printed the book double sided. By binding it at the top, he made a great book. The binding doesn't get in the way when his son is writing in the book. He cut it wide for room to write in the margins. The pages are numbered 1-84 on one side and then 85 to the end on the other, so you don't get page 5 backed by 6 as in a regular book. 

Boca della verita (Gaily).jpg (185603 bytes) Gaily at the Bocca della Verita in Rome.
Tristan and Glass Turtle.jpg (142571 bytes) Tristan and the glass turtle.
Gussy standing on pedestal (closeup).jpg (210002 bytes) Gussy immortalized on a pedestal.