Here are personally evaluated and recommended resources you can use for planning and preparing for your family travel to Italy.

Vacation Rentals

Excellent Europe Italy Vacation Rentals & Custom Travel: Our site for vacation rentals and custom travel in Italy.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is a must; travel is just too unpredictable and usually nonrefundable. Kids are covered free by Travelex.

Train Reservations & Eurail Passes

Travel Europe the way Europeans do - by rail. Children love this comfortable and fun way to travel. Parents can relax.

Air & Car Reservations

AutoEurope has become my vendor of choice for air and auto reservations because they pass through deep discounts that they get from both air and automobile agencies. 

Furthermore, with AutoEurope, you can reserve now and if, before you travel, you find a lower price for your rental car, call AutoEurope and they will match that price.

International Cell Phone Rentals

Traveling with an international telephone is a wonderful convenience for some and a necessity for others. AutoEurope has the best priced service that I could find.

Travel Equipment, Accessories, and Gadgets

Safe travel begins at Magellan's Hundreds of handy travel tools you can't do without such as adaptor plugs, passport holders, and money belts. 

Bags for Kids and Parents at eBags You won't find a better selection of suitcases and shipping is free.

Shop at for highest quality luggage.

MAPS! Get your maps before you go; they can be really hard to find when you arrive in Europe.

The Travel Store on

Learn Italian

Rosetta Stone Italian Level I


Travel with your Kids: Great site that contains information about how to travel with children and where to take them. Humorous, personal insights make it enjoyable browsing.

Travel for Kids: Good destination information as well as "how" ideas for traveling with kids.

Some of the beautiful photos are here thanks to the Italian Government Tourist Board.

Read opinions and compare prices on hotels and vacations around the world.

Recommended Reading, Viewing and Listening for your Family Travel to Italy


Take Your Kids to Europe: witty and practical, general guidelines, read before you go

Italy With Kids: Tear the pages you need out so you dont' have to carrying the book, some good ideas

Rick Steves' Italy 2005 All of Rick's books are good, solid guides with a great attitude

Fodor's Around Rome With Kids Has some good ideas, tear out the pages you need

Eyewitness Travel Guide to Italy... This series is great for day-to-day guides; carry with you, the kids like the graphics

Michelin the Green Guide Italy Perfect for car trips because it covers anyplace of note

Your Own Private Tuscany A guide to Italian Vacation Rentals

Before You Travel

The Most Beautiful Villages in Tuscany A beautiful book to enjoy if you are even just thinking about Italy. It will bring Tuscany to you and help you shape your itinerary.

Italian Themed Books for Young People 

Gaudenzia, Pride of the Palio

The Wildest Horse Race in the World

Strega Nona Read the whole series!

Vulca the Etruscan

See You Later, Gladiator (Time Warp Trio)  

Vacation Under The Volcano (Magic Tree House)

Noodle Man: The Pasta Superhero

Alice in Pastaland: A Math Adventure

Fountains of Rome photos for the whole family

Secret Worlds: Gladiators


Emperors and Gladiators

The Roman Colosseum (Wonders of the World)

Berlitz Kids Italian Language Pack

Learn Italian Together: For the Car

Learn Italian in the Kitchen

Teach Me More Italian  

HarperCollins Italian Language Survival Guide   

Dictionary of 1000 Italian Proverbs

Italian Chic: The Italian Approach to Elegance Not a kid's book, but great if you are interested

The Complete Book of Solitaire: Great travel companion.

The Comical Tragedy of Punch and Judy

The Adventures of Pinocchio

The Usborne Book of Puppets

Ciao Bambino Teaches toddlers their first Italian words.

Videos & DVDs

Lost World of the Etruscans

Hidden City of the Etruscans

Italy: the Hilltowns of Tuscany

On The Backroads of Tuscany DVD


Ben-Hur - Limited Edition Collector's Set

Audrey Hepburn DVD Collection (Roman Holiday...



Respighi: Pines of Rome, etc

Soul of Italy

Cecilia Bartoli - Live in Italy


My Little Theater Play Tent

The Original Rider Waite Tarot Pack